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How to drink vodka

 Russian people not only invented vodka. They also developed a specific culture how to drink vodka. It consists of the following rules.

Rules how to drink Vodka

1. Vodka must be cooled off to 8-10 °C before consumption. You even can put bottle of vodka in a freezer.
2. Drink vodka quickly.
3. In Russia they don't mix vodka with other alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages.
4. Drink vodka with small glass of not more than 50 g.
5. Vodka created for joy, removing fatigue and stress. But personal control of the dose of alcohol is very important.
6. Russian people consume vodka accompanied by a special hot and cold snacks or zakuski.

Snacks or zakuski that goes with Vodka

 Zakuski that can go with vodka include:
• meat dishes like beef, bacon, ham;
• fish dishes: herring, caviar, smoked salmon, salted sardines;
• vegetables: pickled and salted cucumbers, sauerkraut, pickled tomatoes, salted and pickled mushrooms, Olivie salad, Herring under fur salad.

 Snacks or zakuski are essential to assess the true meaning of vodka as a drink. Being an expensive drink, vodka goes good with an expensive snacks like black and red caviar, smoked salmon, smoked sturgeon. Without salty snacks vodka can not to disclose all of it qualities .

 Cheaper snacks can be also very well combined with vodka. Such products like herring, sauerkraut, pickled mushrooms, pickled cucumbers or pickled tomatoes will be the perfect accompaniment to vodka.

 How to drink vodka

 Salted cucumber deserves special attention. According to the famous Russian writer Anton Chekhov, scientists tried to find the best accompaniment to vodka for two hundred years, but they couldn't find nothing better then salted cucumber. Although it been told with humor, however, it contains a significant amount of truth: salted cucumber is truly successfully combined with vodka, as well as being cheap and common product.

 With proper snack vodka will always remain master of the situation. You will be able to fully control yourself and will receive a stimulating effect but not intoxication. Some people say that vodka is insidious. But itself, vodka can't be insidious. Just need to know how to drink it. For example, it is not recommended to have cheese, boiled fish, lamb dishes when you drink vodka. Vodka doesn't go good with sausages, which are more appropriate for other drinks like beer.

How to drink vodka

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How to drink vodka 

Traditional Russian food 

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