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    Russian Recipes                                
                                             Authentic Russian Food

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Russian Desserts: Cinnamon Pretzels (Krendeli) 

Russian Chicken Dishes: Moscow Chicken 

Chicken and rice 

Russian Desserts: Roguelikes with Jam 

What is Russian Cuisine? 

Russian Desserts: Сake Cheburashka 
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Crispy Stuffed Potatoes with Ham and Cheese

What is Russian Cuisine?

Cottage Cheese

Russian Vegetable Okroshka

Pickled Mushrooms

Who are Russian People?

Salted cucumbers or Solenie ogurcy

Russian Vegetable Dishes: Кabachkovaya Ikra

Russian Desserts: Zapekanka with Cottage Cheese

Olivie salad
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How to drink vodka 

Traditional Russian food 

History of Russian cuisine 
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