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Who are Russian People?

 Who are Russian people? What are they?

 This is how the foreigner think about Russian people."I'm originally from the US, but spent some time in Russia . Since I came from a country where people area polite, Russian first seemed rude to me - they were not standing in line, did not say "Thank you" and "Please", did not give me change into my hands, instead they put it on a small saucer, did not answer to my question "What time ? "

 In general, Russian people are not materialistic and very simple. They love to talk : In the US people go to the bar to get drunk, in  Russia - to chat with friends, to drink and eat. Food helps to absorb the alcohol, so in the morning Russian does not turn into pathetic drunks.
 Russian can be very stubborn. You better do not get into an argument with a Russian. When I went there, I often came across Russian, who always wanted to teach me how to drink vodka - to drink a little bit, then eat some meat, pickles, or herring.

 Russian people highly educated, especially they have a lot of knowledge about science and culture, and they are patriots and proud of their country.


In Russian culture friendship and openness to strangers, even Russian, could be hard . In English we have the word "friend". In Russian language there are a lot of words - dryug, znakomi and so on. We can easily call someone a "friend". In Russia people are more distancing from the person as long as do not really know him very well. For example, when I was in Russia , it was hard to become friends with other men , because of their understanding of male friends, those with whom they went to school or have served in the military, or work colleagues . If you do not belong to them, it will not  be easy to become a friend.

  Russian culture, as well as Russian society, has been for a long time separated from other cultures. During Soviet times, communicating with a foreigners could lead to surveillance by the KGB. Only in recent years the attitude towards foreigners in Russia has changed, but certain distancing still sits in the minds of people.

 Is it really dangerous to be a tourist in Russia ? I was so mad when I read the information about safety precautions in Russia. It is much safer to come to Russia than to the most American cities. In Russia you might have to face with  intrusive taxi drivers and some of the problems in communication as

 Russian don't like to speak English although many of them know some from school, but otherwise everything will be fine . Mexico, for example , is much more dangerous.

  Many people think that Russian women are the most beautiful in the world. This is not really the true. Russian women seem to be so, because they make a lot of effort to look beautiful. Russian woman will not leave the house unless she think she looks stunning.

  It's not many fat Russian as so many Russian people have to walk. Even if they have a car the parking often is located 10-20 minutes away. In fact, it is only cultural differences, and when you learn Russian closer, you realize that they are the warmest and most friendly people on the earth."


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