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Rabbit stuffed with apples

For Rabbit Stuffed with Apples you will need:

    Rabbit - about 3 kg;
    Bacon - 100g;
    Oil for frying;
    Salt, spices to taste;
     Apples  to taste.

For the marinade:

 vinegar, water, salt, spices.












 Hare carcass backfat with strips of bacon using sharpened sticks, which make punctures in the muscles. Let stand for about an hour in the marinade.

 Then cut the carcass into 4-6 pieces, rubbed with salt and fry in an open roaster until golden brown. If necessary, add butter or lard.

 Cut into portions, put in a bowl with a lid, add the meat juices from the roasting.

 Add apples and stew Rabbit Stuffed with Apples you will need:about 50 minutes in the oven. Instead of apples you can use cabbage.


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