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Russian Drinks: Medovuha

Medovuha – the honey based sweet alcohol beverage, a traditional Russian drink, the percentage of alcohol - from 4 to 18%.
Medovuha Recipe
 You will need:
3 liters of spring water;
1.5 kg of honey; 
50 g of yeast;
Rubber hose;
5 - liter bottle of spring water.

 These proportions are specially designed for the preparation of a 5-liter bottle of

 Pour 2 liter of water from  5-liters bottle of spring water. Carefully add 1.5 kg of honey to the water.
Close the lid and shake the bottle well to mix everything. Then add 50 g of yeast, close the lid and shake the bottle again.
Cut in a lid of the bottle  square hole of such size that the hose just barely slipped into it.
Put plasticine over the top that  the air does not pass nowhere, except  the hose.
The hose that goes down in the direction of the bottle is lowered into a small bottle of water to avoid kinks in the hose. This is done to prevent the accumulation of carbon dioxide.That's it!
Time of preparation - 10 days, but you can try earlier.
It is very important - do not overdo Medovuha.
In my opinion Medovuha is hundred times better than beer!


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