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Russian Meat Dishes: Pig with Buckwheat

Pig with Buckwheat recipe:
 You will need:
pig - about 1.5 kg;
1/2 cup melted butter;
1 cup buckwheat;
1 onion;
eggs, boiled;
100 g
Salt to taste;
4-5 medium carrots;
Fresh herbs - parsley, сelery
, dill.

  Dip pig in cold water, remove and then lower for 2-3 minutes in boiling water. Clean the skin with a knife. If necessary, you can rub the flour and singe the pig over an open fire. Wash pig and  stuff with fried buckwheat, fried onions and chopped eggs. Make sure that the stuffing evenly located throughout the pig. Then sew the pig with thick thread.
  Rub the pig with salt Vodka, so the skin has become tough. Put
a few wood (preferably birch)  on cooking pan. Bent legs of the pig, pour melted butter over. Then put pig in a high heated oven till it is brown. Then reduce the heat to low and every 7-10 minutes pour the meat with  juice from the pig.
  When the pig is ready, cut  back to the bone and allow to cool off for 15 minutes. Remove thread, put stuffing  into separate bowl. Cut the pig into pieces and put them in a big plate, in a  shape of  the pig.
Pig with Buckwheat with stuffing, fresh herbs and cooked carrots on both sides.



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