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Russian Desserts: The Bird's Milk Cake or Tort Ptichʹe Moloko

The Bird's Milk Cake or Tort Ptichʹe Moloko
 All my guests love this dessert and ask me to bake it again and again.


  You will need:

3 Tbsp butter;

1 cup sugar;

3 eggs;

1 tsp baking soda;

1 tsp vinegar;

1 cup flour;

3 Tbsp cocoa.


 Melt butter, add sugar, stir. Add eggs one by one, add baking soda mixed with vinegar.

 Pour gradually  flour and knead the dough. Divide dough into 2 parts, add cocoa in one part and mix.

 Bake сrusts in round forms, greased with oil and sprinkled with breadcrumbs at 350F for 35 minutes.

 Let crusts to cool off. Then cut
each crust along
, making two crusts from one. You will have four crusts all together now.

 Then make a cream.

  You will need:
5 Tbsp butter;

1 cup sugar;

2 cups milk;

3 Tbsp semolina /
cream of wheat /;

1 lemon.

 Beat butter with sugar.

 Cook semolina with milk for 1-2 minutes at medium heat. Let cool off.

 Grate  lemon together with the skin, add in semolina, mix well. Add butter and sugar in there, mix well.

 Whip the cream and refrigerate for 20 minutes.
Then coat each crust with cream of 0.5 cm thick.

 Put The Bird's Milk Cake or Tort Ptichʹe Moloko in a refrigerator while you'll be doing frosting.



 You will need:

5 Tbsp sugar;

2 Tbsp cocoa;

3 Tbsp hot water;

2 Tbsp unsalted butter.


 Mix all ingredients and melt them on a low heat, stirring constantly for 1-2 minutes.

Cover the top and the sides of The Bird's Milk Cake or Tort Ptichʹe Moloko with frosting.

 You can decorate cake with
chocolate chips or fruits
if you wish. Refrigerate for a few hours before serving.

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