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Russian Pickles: Salted cucumbers or Solenie ogurcy
  Salted cucumbers  or Solenie ogurcy– small or medium size cucumbers which were kept in the salted water with spices for several weeks, traditional Russian appetizer. They can  be eaten before the main course, with the dish like boiled potatoes, or  with an alcoholic beverage like Russian Vodka.
 You will need:

5 kg cucumbers;
200 g dill weed;
2-3 g parsley;
5 g celery;
60 g black currant leaf;
35 g horseradish leaf;
2, 5 liter water;
200 g salt;
50 g vinegar;
garlic,1 clove.


  Take for preserving the dense young cucumbers, wash them, sort the size, soak in water for 5-8 hours. For one 1- liter  jar you need: 880 grams cucumber, spices 30 grams, 250 grams of the marinade. A set of spices: dill 15 g; 2 g of horseradish leaf; parsley, 10 g; 6 pieces bay leaf; garlic - one clove.

  In the jar add the spices and cucumbers, prewashed, carefully pour boiling water, cover with lid and hold for 5-6 minutes. So, repeat twice. Then drain the water, pour the boiling brine, close the jar with preferably metal lid and place upside down. In this position.  Keep the jars in this position for one day. After that Salted cucumbers  or Solenie ogurcy will be ready. Store them in a cool place.


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