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Why Russian Girls are so popular?

 Why Russian girls are so popular in the world? Why so many foreign men invest their money, efforts and time in relationships with Russian women and want to marry them?
 First of all, In Russian history there was no witch hunting. They didn't burn beautiful women over there. Russia has a good gene pool.

The reasons for the popularity of the Russian girls

 Russian girls know how to take care of themselves and always be in a good shape. They are beautiful by nature but still will spend money for the beauty salon. Even when they take trash out many of Russian women have to wear heels and makeup.

 Most Russian women are well educated. Many of them went to the music or arts school and they usually read a lot. 

Family is very important for Russian girls. They are prepared for the family life from their childhood. Russian girls all know how to cook, take care of their home, husband and children.
Why Russian Girls are so popular
In Russian society it's still considered that girl have to get married as soon as possible and it's the most important thing in her life.
 In conclusion, it must be said that Russian women are loving and hardworking. They work and take care of their home, husband and children. Russian woman is a wife, a lover, a house keeper, a cook and a nanny, she is all in one.

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How to drink vodka 

Traditional Russian food 

History of Russian cuisine 
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